Clogs, leaks or runs can be repaired or the toilet easily replaced, which may be less costly.

Sewer Line Replacement and Repair

Reasons for sewer line replacement or repair may be due to bellied pipes, leaking fittings, root infiltration, corrosion or broken/cracked/collapsed pipes.


  • Kitchen drains may have normal clogging due to age, grease soaps and detergents, or build up on the inner walls of the pipes. 
  • Shower and tub drains clog up mainly because of hair and soap build up.
  • Lavatory or sinks clog up mainly because of hair, shaving cream, toothpaste or soap grime.


Faucets have many working parts that over time will wear out.  They may be fixed or changed out with new fixtures.
Do you think the drain line was backed up?

Water Heaters

Water heaters should last at least seven years but because of the hard water in Texas, some just don't last and may need to be replaced. We also install tankless,-demand water heaters. Water heaters should be flushed out every six months, similar to changing the oil on your car. The Navien  Tankless waterheaters are the best tankless around  we are all certified techs that understands the tankless heaters so that the home  owners have peace of mind that there will many trouble free years ahead. Texas water is the worst for the appliances . We highly recommend Rinnai tankless units we installed hundreds of units never not once have we had any trouble.

Gas Leak Detection

Old gas lines may get leaks at key valves for fireplaces or at disturbed locations. I have a machine that detects the leak and we can get it fixed all in the same day.

Video Camera Inspection

We are able to inspect the inside of wastewater pipes to see where and what the problem is.

Sewer Injection Pumps, Lift Station, Sump Pumps

Pumps, which have moving parts, typically wear out over time.

Other Services

  • Sinks
  • Water Leaks                                            
  • Grease Trap  Installation
  • Pipe Repairs 
  • Slab Leaks                
  • Back-Flow Testing              
  • Gas Lines / Propane Lines      
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Instant Hot Water
  • Water Softner Installations
  • Sewer Services Drain Cleaning