Guys just left after repairing a burst pipe from our latest freeze. After calling other places that couldn't get to me until Monday, Justin answered my call immediately and scheduled me for today. They did a great job - were mindful not to make huge holes in the walls which would have only added to my costs to repair. Very friendly - showed me everything they were doing and explained it all as well. Cost: MUCH less than I was expecting - especially since this was an "emergency" call. He didn't add to the cost all. They've earned my trust and I've filed their number away for the future - Just-In-Case. By the way, have a dozen do nuts waiting (inside joke).
Kenneth Dunnknd1234@aol.com

Justin and James - You guys do good work - I'm glad I didn't try to tackle that upstairs attick water heater myself, as I'm sure it would have turned into a big mess. You are both honest professionals. I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks, Campbell Keycampbellkey@austin.rr.com
I had a water leak under my foundation and called Just-In-Time and he was at my house in no time at all. Almost like I was talking to him on the phone when he got here. Service was VERY fast. He did a GREAT job, price was right, and such a joy to be around. It was like I had known him forever. He was very focused and knew what he was doing. I would him, Justin, Just-In-Time to anyone that needed any kind of plumbing done.
Sandi Selman

Justin was recommended to me by a friend. My water heater was leaking and I called him on Monday. He came to my home in North Austin when I asked himto. He was so great about giving me my options for replacing my water heater and educating me on all the different ones available. He went and got my new water heater, installed it and got me up to code that same day. Then his final bill was much lower than I had expected. He called me the next day to make sure everything was working well. Great job Justin. You are my go to plummer now. Kim Hicks

Justin ROCKS. I called him and he came within two hours. He also fixed our plumbing disaster/issue within an hour. We are also going to have Just In Time Plumbing install a pressure reducer valve. I don't know how else to say it, I am very PLEASED. Justin is more than fair and efficient and does a great job. Oh by the way he installed our gas cook top too!! Again any GAS or WATER/SEWER issue Call JUST IN TIME PLUMBING. THANKS AGAIN. 
Melissa McCollum

My waterheater was leaking ,luckily it was in the garage. I called around to a few other companies and they wanted a minimum of $800.00 dollars. Justin said he could be the price just to give him a little while and he could probably beat the price he guarantees. He came over with in two hours took a look started draining the heater and went picked up a heater came back got it done fast. Justin saved me $150.00 dollars and supplied all the material every thing brand new and brought it up to code,  got it done all in the same day. Thank u Justin you are my plumber for life. We are glad we found you... 


 I have had intermittent plumbing problems at my house for a couple of years. I've had over 5 plumbers (from 'big' shops) come and look at the problem and they could not diagnose the problem. Some even tried to get me to pay an exorbitant amount to 'try' to diagnose it. Justin did it an hour and did FANTASTIC work! He fixed the issue and is now the official plumber of my household and businesses! Great Job Justin!  

-Kasey Uthurusamy



 Justin is great! I had a water leak outside and was getting high quotes from everyone some people wanted to charge me just to come and look at the job. Justin came over gave me a great estimate and got the job done the same day... in and out. Great job Justin and thank you...

Miguel Zuniga 


My company used Just-In-Time Plumbing May 2008 after we were told by a major plumbing company that it would cost over $4300 to fix our problem with our sewage system. Truth be told we were stunned. Justin came highly recommended from others, so we gave him a try, truthfully we had no regrets. Not only did he show up the same day but he fixed our problem in a matter of hours. Justin was honest and extremely affordable. I highly recommend Just-In-Time Plumbing. Thank you Justin!!! 

-Damian Deposition Technology


Justin did an amazing job fixing the leak in my bathroom shower. I called him in the morning and he was at my condo by 2:30pm on the same day. He quickly assessed the situation and figured out that it was not the shower drain as I originally feared but a leak in the shower faucet. I suspected there might be more leaks and was considering tearing out the bathroom wall to make sure there weren't any other leaks since the plumbing was pretty old; however, Justin assured me that it wasn't necessary and I was happy to save the $$$ it would've cost. I was impressed with what an upstanding guy he is for not taking more business for himself when it's being offered. I highly recommend him because he will be honest, fair and and do a great job.



I came back from vacation to find not 1 but 2 leaks in my home this passed weekend, both of which turned out to be leaking down within the foundation. Anticipating that this repair would be expensive I called every plumber or leak repair specialist I could find in the phone book only to find out that my suspicions were correct. I got estimates from seven different companies I found in the yellowpages from AAA Auger to Rescue Rooter, one named after one of our Founding Fathers and one from the UK even one that specializes in foundation leaks and repair. The lowest bid I received was more than $3400 and only one of them mentioned routing the line through the attic the rest wanted to tear up the slab. The highest bid, which came from the plumber who wasn't completely vague in his description of the repair process, was more than $6700 and he wanted to tear up the slab to determine whether or not to just route it through the attic.
Frustrated I called the guy who had repaired my sewer system last year, at a very competitive price I might add, to see if he'd recommend someone who would explain all my options and wouldn't take advantage of the fact that I was up leaky slab creek without a plunger. He gave me the number for Justin Kretchmar at JUST-IN-PLUMBING. Justin came out on Tuesday, explained my options to me, their costs and the affects they'd have on the integrity of my foundation, as well as what to expect in the future if not repaired properly. He mentioned I was probably receiving bids between $3000-$6000 (he was right) and then he pointed out what NONE of the other plumbers had showed me but ALL had seen in the process of bidding the job...the insulated line running through my attic in plain site was a rerouted line from a prior leak in the foundation and he could tie into it...repairing both leaks for $600. YEAH!!!! $600. Every other plumber would have probably done the same exact repair for 6 to 10 times the cost of repair. I might also mention that the repairs were done within a couple of hours of his bid. 

If you need any kind of plumbing related service or repair and you don't call JUST IN TIME PLUMBING you will regret it. 

Last bit of info: Justin was born and raised here in Austin, has 10+ years experience, doesn't BS, will explain why the other companies know they can get away with their absurd price schedules, volunteer coaches a flag football team for 5-7 year olds, and like every true Austinite...is a dog-lover! I can't say enough good things about Justin and his co-workers (Jimmy you rocked as well) thanks guys and keep doin what yer doin. 


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